The best automated webinar software 2021

Hey there Creators! In this article we’re going to review webinarkit.

If you’re thinking of buying a webinar kit, looking at buying their lifetime deal or just looking for an automated webinar software for your business take 5 minutes to read this webinarkit review. 

What's in the Webinarkit review.

I’ll be taking you through the automation features of webinarkit, going over the pros and cons to help you decide whether you should buy the best automated webinar software. 

Starting off with the lifetime deal. I’m not the biggest fan of lifetime offers at it’s often a difficult business model to support but webinarkit might be the exception. 

Now, webinars are one of my favourite marketing tools that I use very frequently with on client projects. They’re awesome tools that allow sales people to free up their time and automate much of their sales process/pitch via an automated webinar. Usually the hardest part in getting a webinar funnel setup is the actual tools. Getting the content and recording the videos is usually quite easy in contrast to the complexity of some of the best automated webinar tools. From setting up the registration pages, the thank you pages, hooking it all up to a CRM and then setting up reminder emails is usually a massive chunk of work. 

Thankfully, Webinarkit is the best automated webinar software I’ve used that allows me to focus on what really matters the most with automated webinar funnels; great content that drives conversion. 

So let me take you through the process of creating an automated webinar to show you just how easy it is to set up the funnel with webinarkit.

Creating your first automated webinar.

Once you’re logged into your account you’ll see a well designed clean interface prompting you to create your first webinar. 

Your first automated webinar in webinarkit:

We’ll start off by clicking on “new webinar” to begin the process of creating our first automated webinar. 

Selecting your best automated webinar video:

We’re then initially prompted to select a video. You can either do this by uploading your own video directly to webinarkit or by pasting in a URL to a video of your choosing. We’re going to use a vimeo url for our webinar.

Next onto the details page. 

Adding your automated webinar details:

On the webinar kit details page we’re then prompted to give the automated webinar title, description, subheadings, presenters and set the automated webinar schedule. 

One of the killer features that really makes webinarkit one of the best automated webinar software tools out there is the “Just in time” functionality.

What this does it it shows the user visiting your landing page that they’re here just in time to reserve a slot for the next upcoming webinar later that day. They have some pretty simple yet powerful scheduling options too that allow you to schedule the automated webinar to repeat itself everyday or just be available on specific days. 

Why automated webinar schedules are the bomb:

Automated webinar scheduling like this make it awesome for recurrent events we have with our clients such as strategy sessions. Instead of having to run a new session every week I can just set up an automated webinar for a specific niche at a specific time and tell those clients; “Look we run a strategy sessions every tuesday at 6pm. Go ahead and sign-up” via the webinar software form. They get the value on autopilot and I no longer have to run the same strategy sessions over and over with new clients. 

Next we have the registration pages. 

Setting up your best automated webinar registration pages

This is another area where webinarkit really holds its ground. It allows you to create full registration pages with great variation or embed the automated webinar registration form directly on your site. Great for anyone who just wants to get started with automated webinars regardless of how much web design experience they have. 

Webinarkit also gives you the option to add a video to both the registration page and the thank you page.

Overall, a great system to quickly build high converting automated webinar landing pages

That covers the basics of how to create an automated webinar via the webinarkit software. 

But we’re also only just started to scratch the surface that makes this webinarkit review worth it. The live features of webinarkit’s automated webinar functionality are absolutely killer. 

The best automated webinar marketing tools:

When creating our automated webinar, we’re given quite a few automated marketing tools to convert participants into clients. 

Starting off with one of the best automated webinar tools -  live chat.

Automated live chats

What the live chat allows you to do is join any of your “recorded/automated” webinars, see who’s watching the webinar and have a conversation with them in real time, live. This allows you to focus on answering questions or interacting with your audience without having to worry about the actual webinar itself.

There’s a few other great automated webinar features that help drive conversions like triggering custom offers during your webinar, prompting viewers to download handouts, trigger polls or send them to a checkout page.

Finally we have the automated webinar email notifications. 

Webinar marketing automations

First of all this links in with any of the major CRMs/email providers, we like to use Active Campaign for most of our customer data and emails. You can a couple of great automated emails such as reminders at set times before the webinar goes live as well as an automatic “replay” reminder.

What that means is that everyone who signs up to watch your webinar, even if they don’t get all the way through it gets an automated replay sent to them when the webinar ends. In short, most of your leads will get: 

Literally all you need to do is focus on driving traffic to your automated webinar funnel and the software, webinarkit does all the work for you. 

Wrap-up: Webinarkit is the best automated webinar software.

To conclude this review, webinarkit is in my opinion the best automated webinar software. It covers everything from; 

So is webinarkit worth the money? In my opinion 100x yes! I’ve spent thousands of dollars on different automated webinar tools over the years but nothing has come close to the experience offered by webninarkit. This automated webinar software has very quickly become one of my favourite webinar tools and I could not give it a higher recommendation.